Mass Exodus from New Stars FC to Bamboutos FC -

Mass Exodus from New Stars FC to Bamboutos FC

Bamboutos FC resumption of training today ahead of the new season has delivered a huge surprise for Fans of Cameroon Football who were thinking the off the pitch issues in the Bamboutos FC camp have left the club down and out.

At a time when LFPC and FECAFOOT have confirmed that the Mangwa boys will be a part of the second tier competition in Cameroon,the Bamboutos FC faithful have remained optimistic about the future of their club.

Today’s training in the club’s training base in Douala was managed by coach,Anicet Mbarga Foe and the club had a long list of New Comers with 5 of them from New Stars.

Last season top scorer for New Stars,Alain Nandjou and best assists provider,Pange Lobe were some of the new Bamboutos FC faces.

Nandjou scored 15 goals for New Stars last season while Lobe got 8 assists in all competition.

The old faces in the Cameroon found in the Bamboutos FC ground for the first time include;

Bamboutos fc de Mbouda

1 -Alain Roland Nandjou-Forward (New Stars Douala)

2 -Harry Ako – midfielder (New Stars Douala)

3-Nnouck Mincka- defender (New Stars Douala)

4- Arnaud Moukam- midfielder (New Stars

5 -Cédric Djeugoue Defender/Midfielder (UMS)

6-Lobe Pange Attacking midfielder (New Stars Douala)

It is reported that Ashu Kerrido,Jean Oscar Kalati and Yvan Mboudou will join the club in the days ahead.

As it stands Bamboutos FC is an Elite Two club except there is a dramatic action from FIFA or CAS in the days ahead.


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